2023 Acura Integra interior review

You might need a glove. Acura Integra metal shifter + scorching temps = ouch. #acura #acuraintegra #integra

Video Transcript

- So I'm in the new Acura Integra, and it is smoking hot outside. And this has a six-speed manual transmission, which means it has this lovely metal piece on the top. Now, it is lovely and it is metal, and that's better than plastic. However, this will scorch your hand. It's not quite hot enough to brand the shift pattern in your hand, but darn it if it's not close.

Back when I owned an Acura TSX with a very similar shift knob, I used to keep a baseball batting glove in the glove box in order to prevent me from scorching my hand when it was hot. You'd have to do the same with the Integra. But again, I think it's better than just a plain blah plastic shift topper, or all leather. So maybe it's worth the pain.