2021 Polestar 2 Android Automotive quick overview

For Tech of the Year, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore gives us a quick overview of the Android Automotive system on the all-new 2021 Polestar 2.

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Video Transcript

GREG MIGLIORE: Welcome inside the Polestar 2. This is the Technology of the Year testing, and we're checking out the vehicle's Android Auto operating system. This is really interesting. Right here, this is the pad on the right that gives you sort of like the-- like the wow stuff. Over in front of the driver is the now. But this is stuff like-- you know, stuff you don't need immediately. So let's kind of try some things here.

This is some of the driver performance. You can head on over here, and this is how you adjust the different settings. Again, this tiles up here reminds me a little bit of Windows's sort of just how you-- you scroll through things, navigate. Radio, Spotify, Bluetooth, PocketCasts. Google Assistant works pretty well. I don't use Google Assistant-- Assistant in my normal life, but it works pretty well here. I found the-- Google, navigate to the nearest gas station. So it's pretty good at that. Let's go over there. I think everybody knows how to use Google Assistant.

ChargePoint over here. Can skip through that. But overall, it's a pretty simple, pretty clean look. Here's the HVAC, the seats, things like that. You know, the Polestar 2, I think, is probably the closest thing I've driven to say, the Model 3. It-- it basically is simple, clean. It's like a small sports sedan that really-- you know, it's electric, it's powerful, the low-end torque is great. And I've enjoyed driving it. I've enjoyed testing the Android auto operating system.

For Autoblog, I'm Greg Migliore.