2021 NFL Mock Draft: Can Patriots find their next quarterback?

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2021 NFL Mock Draft: Pats look to add QB of the future originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Sure. This might feel early. And it is. But it's worth considering how the draft will fall when the Patriots' playoff chances are hanging by a thread and questions abound about what's next for Bill Belichick's club.

Because the passing game is king, the trends you'll see here make sense. Five quarterbacks taken. Five tackles. Five receivers. Four corners. Three edge defenders. That's more than two-thirds of the first round dedicated to those who throw it, those who protect the throwers, those who catch it, those who disrupt the throwers and those who disrupt the catchers.

Spoiler alert: The Patriots -- who would be picking 12th if the draft were this weekend -- should be in the mix for one of the best throwers in the class.

Note: Draft order is based on standings through Week 11.

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