2021 Mazda CX-5 Signature Infotainment Overview

Mazda's tech interface, which had been one of the CX-5 principal cons, is substantially more advanced and improved for 2021. The dashtop screen is larger and easier to see while running a redesigned and quicker user interface. The knob that controls it is big, ergonomically placed on the center console and, like BMW's iDrive controller, can rotate through menus or move up/down, left/right among icons. This latter feature is key for using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wheeling through playlists or contacts is actually easier with a knob, but selecting icons on the menu screen is more time-consuming than it would be with a touch interface. Fortunately, smartphone integration is clever enough to override Mazda’s built-in voice command feature when your device is plugged in, so you can talk to Siri or Google instead.