2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid onboard generator demonstration

For Tech of the Year, West Coast Editor James Riswick demonstrates the capabilities of the Pro Power onboard generator on the 2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid.

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Video Transcript

- This is the 2021 Ford F-150 Power Boost Hybrid with its Pro Power onboard generator fully in use. That is a crock pot. It's on. That's a refrigerator. That's on. That is a television showing old NFL games that are brought to you by a DVD player, back there.

Now, the engine's not running because this is a hybrid. But you can hear the generator going. That sounds like electricity. Now, this is the full Pro Power package. That's 7,200 watts of electricity, meaning that all of this here is merely scratching the surface of what this system is capable of.

You can get a standard system in the 2,000 watt range. That could easily power this. But with 7,200 watts of power, you can power a camper, for instance. You can run air conditioners and everything you need to of the thing that you're towing.

You can also use this as a backup generator for your home, either plugging in specific heaters or a refrigerator using extension cords. Or if you have the proper equipment on your home, you can directly plug your home into the truck.

So you know, yes, this is kind of a silly application of a tailgate party, and not really much of one, I must admit. But there is serious, real world, usage advantages of this system. And it's really quite a game changer. I could see this being added to a lot more vehicles, especially those with serious electric capabilities such as this F-150 Hybrid.