2020 NBA Playoffs: Ideas to create home-court advantage are insanely stupid

Gary Tanguay
·2 min read

Close to 400,000 lives have been lost to a pandemic, a nation mourns the senseless murder of George Floyd and we should be worried that the Milwaukee Flippin' Bucks will not have a true home-court advantage? 

What is wrong with people? 

I am all for sports taking us away from the harsh realities of our times, but this stupid. Oh, boo hoo, the Bucks and 14 other teams will lose home court when play resumes in Orlando in August.

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Here are some of the foolish ideas that have been discussed to appease these big babies. 

The higher seeded team can… 

• designate one player to be allowed seven fouls as opposed to six.

• receive an extra coach's challenge. 

• and here is the whopper! The team's home floor - yes, as in the parquet - can be shipped to the game site and set up for that team's "home" game. WHAT?

The Milwaukee Bucks are the best team in the East and either the Clippers or the Lakers are favored to come out of the West. Why? Because they are better than everybody else.

They do not need some stupid gimmick for a neutral court game considering what others have been experiencing in the outside world! Plus, they're playing the games at Disney World - The Happiest Place on Earth. Personally, I am partial to Universal. (Disclaimer: NBC Sports Boston is a sister company to the land of Harry Potter and, yes, I get free passes.) 

Maybe I'm being too harsh. Hey top seed, you know what? You get Happy Meals at halftime. How about the ice cream truck comes only to the home team's bench in the third quarter?

I know, I know, the home team gets a fast pass - but for everyone else, BACK OF THE LINE! 

2020 NBA Playoffs: Ideas to create home-court advantage are insanely stupid originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston