2020 will be the highest-scoring season in NFL history

Michael David Smith
·1 min read

Never before has the NFL seen a season as high-scoring as 2020.

With one Sunday to go, a total of 11,854 points have been scored this season. On Sunday, the league will easily shatter the all-time record of 11,985 points, the record set in 2013. If NFL teams continue at their current scoring pace, they’ll add another 790 points on Sunday for a total of 12,644 points scored this season.

Of course, far more games are played in 21st Century seasons than were played in 20th Century seasons, but scoring per game is also at a record pace. The average team is scoring 24.7 points a game this year, well ahead of the previous record pace of 23.6 points per game, set in 1948.

Never in NFL history have more than three teams averaged 30 points a game, but this year several teams have a realistic chance of hitting that average. To finish the season with a total of 480 points and an average of 30 points a game, the Packers need to score six points on Sunday, the Chiefs need to score 28, the Titans 30, the Saints 31, the Buccaneers 32, the Bills 35, the Seahawks 47 and the Ravens 50.

The NFL has consistently promoted offense with its rules and its enforcement of those rules, and the result is more points scored in 2020 than ever before.

2020 will be the highest-scoring season in NFL history originally appeared on Pro Football Talk