2019 NFL Free Agency Tracker: Latest signings, cuts, rumors and more from around the league

Cam Ellis

2019 NFL Free Agency Tracker: Latest signings, cuts, rumors and more from around the league originally appeared on nbcsportschicago.com

Let's do some legal tampering! 

The NFL's new league year begins this week, but on Wednesday, because the NFL is your contraian friend who isn't that fun to bring to parties. Until Wednesday, it's Adam Schefter's world and we're all just living in it. For the next 48 hours, as teams and players legally tamper, reports of new deals, potential re-signings, and player movement will flood the ol' TL. 

You're in luck, though, because it's our job to make this easy for you. This here tracker will be all you need to follow along through a crazy two days of NFL news. Whether it's Bears, the NFC North, the NFL in general, or just some zesty rumors, we'll be keeping this tracker updated -- or Live, you might say -- all week long. 

Wednesday 3/13: 

Tuesday 3/12:

110 - 

1146 - Drama!! 


925 - welpppppp the Packers D got better this morning: 

Monday 3/11: 

707 - Bellamy and Bears going separate ways:

630 - Bears add running back depth and seemingly move on from defensive back Bryce Callahan:

Mike Davis

Buster Skrine

620 - Honey Badger to KC

450 - A franchise icon is leaving Baltimore

400 - Homecoming:

320- Offseason Winners Detroit Lions?! 

315- 'Twas only a matter of time before the Jets got involved: 

225 - Detroit's out here makin' moves:


147- The NFC North got a little tougher today:

145- oooooooohhhhh:

130PM - 

1245PM - West Coast is awake! 

12PM - Good news for the Bryce Callahan market?

1130AM: Eagles are active to start the legal tampering period, almost as if their tampering did not in fact start 30 minutes ago: 

11AM: Get your money Trent Brown. 

11AM: Looks like the safety market is taking shape:

1030AM: Stephen Gostowski to the Bears? At least one prominent NFL writer thinks it's at least a possibility. 

10AM: Well at least he's not going to the Packers?

8AM: Our own Moon Mullin is reporting that the Bears are bringing back Ben Braunecker:

8AM: Looks like Danny Amendola is headed to Detroit: 

8AM: Some pretty heavy speculation, but here's some water being thrown on Amos' return to the Bears: 

8AM: Brandon Carr is staying in Baltimore: