2019 NFL Draft: How Kyler Murray can help 49ers at scouting combine

Dalton Johnson
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2019 NFL Draft: How Kyler Murray can help 49ers at scouting combine originally appeared on nbcsportsbayarea.com

When news broke Thursday that Kyler Murray will attend the NFL Scouting Combine, somehow a baseball team was affected more than anybody else.

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While Murray still could play baseball and attend A's spring training before the combine begins later this month, it's clear the quarterback is serious about his future in football. Or so it appears he is, though there's concerns there, too.

And his decision could mean a lot to more than one Bay Area pro sports team.

If Murray participates in events at the combine, the 49ers should have their eyes on him. No, they won't select the Heisman Trophy winner in the draft -- they already have their franchise quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo -- but they should see which teams are gushing over the signal-caller.

How Murray performs, and what his measurables are in Indianapolis, will have a significant impact on how teams view him as a quarterback in the NFL. So, let's start with his height and weight.

Murray is listed at 5-foot-10 and 195 pounds on the Oklahoma Sooners' website. Many outlets have debated those numbers, but if they serve to be true, teams surely will move him up their draft boards, closer to where the 49ers sit at No. 2 overall.

Now, what about that speed?

In his record-setting redshirt junior season, Murray dazzled with his lightning-quick speed and ability to avoid defenders. He rushed for 1,001 yards at 7.2 yards per carry and 12 touchdowns last year. But just how fast is he?

At Oklahoma, he claimed he ran a 4.38 40-yard dash during winter workouts as a backup to Baker Mayfield. That would be the second-fastest time by a quarterback ever at the combine, behind Michael Vick's reported 4.33. Looking at Murray's in-game speed, For The Win clocked him running nearly 45 yards in 4.44 seconds, dashing for a touchdown against Texas.

No matter if he breaks records or not, it's expected Murray will put on a show in the 40-yard dash if he participates in it at the combine. And if his accuracy is on display during passing drills -- he completed 69 percent of his passes last season -- quarterback-starved teams will be frothing at the mouth.

The NFL is driven by elite quarterback play. At the same school that turned Mayfield into the No. 1 pick just a year ago, Murray was elite. Will the Giants be willing to jump to No. 2 overall? What about the Jaguars? Or the Broncos? The list could go much longer.

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The 49ers have just six picks in this year's draft. They have their starting quarterback. They will have a healthy Jerick McKinnon at running back, and the NFL's record holder for single-season yards at tight end, George Kittle, only getting better.

It's clear the nucleus is there for the 49ers. By trading back in the draft, they still could land the pass rusher they covet and use extra picks to keep building.

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