2018 NFL draft: Tom Brady-obsessed QB Luke Falk drafted - at No. 199

Quarterback Luke Falk, who went from walk-on at Washington State to the Cougars’ starter for three-plus seasons, was drafted by the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, in the sixth round.

At No. 199.

There’s a certain quarterback, a certain 40-year-old, five-time-Super-Bowl-winning, three-time-NFL-MVP quarterback, who was also taken with the 199th pick, in the 2000 draft.

Washington State quarterback Luke Falk was drafted 199th overall – the same spot as his idol, Tom Brady. (AP)
Washington State quarterback Luke Falk was drafted 199th overall – the same spot as his idol, Tom Brady. (AP)

And Falk is obsessed with him.

The 6-foot-4 Falk readily admits he’s done whatever he can to model himself after Tom Brady: he watches film of Brady, watches film of opponents incessantly, he bought Brady’s book (“The TB12 Method”), and has tried to eat the diet Brady outlines in the book, though following it exactly costs a bit more than what Falk was able to afford as a college student.

“Oh my gosh, don’t get me started with that,” Washington State offensive lineman Cole Madison said at the scouting combine. “Everything Tom Brady. ‘Tom Brady this, Tom Brady that. Tom Brady does this, so this is what we should do.’ He is ride or die Tom Brady, for sure.”

Falk is so Brady-obsessed that his teammates made fun of him when Brady struggled or the Patriots lost; the days after New England’s loss to Philadelphia in Super Bowl LII was especially difficult. “I got like 20 phone calls and they got under my skin a little bit,” Falk said.

He was already a fan of Brady the player, but in high school, Falk saw “The Brady Six” documentary, part of ESPN’s 30-for-30 series, about the six quarterbacks drafted before Brady in 2000, and the adversity he’d faced while in college.

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Just learning about his history at Michigan and the adversity he faced with Drew Henson and how he went about each day and how he approached each day and how he has taken that mindset into the NFL, being a late-round draft pick, I mean, he is 40-years-old and he still puts everything he’s got into it,” Falk said at the combine. “I really just want to do that with my game. If it is good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.”

He wasn’t drafted by the Patriots, but Falk was drafted in the same spot as Brady, and by one of Brady’s former teammates: rookie Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, who was a linebacker on New England’s first three Super Bowl-winning teams.