Grades for Yahoo Fantasy Football mock draft

Yahoo’s Fantasy Football experts teamed up with NFL Hall of Famer Dan Marino, NBA standouts D’Angelo Russell and Kelly Olynyk and YouTube personalities Dion and Kristopher London for a three-round snake draft on National Draft Day. Here are the results:

Round 1

  1. Team Vets (Adam Duffy and Justin Cliburn): David Johnson

  2. Team Russell (D’Angelo Russell): DeVante Parker

  3. Team Dion (Dion): Le’Veon Bell

  4. Team Marino (Dan Marino): Antonio Brown

  5. Team Del Don (Dalton Del Don): Julio Jones

  6. Team Behrens (Andy Behrens): Odell Beckham Jr. Behrens said: “We don’t win or lose a league in September. Worst case he misses two weeks. I’m fine.”

  7. Team London (Kristopher London): Mike Evans

  8. Team Olynyk (Kelly Olynyk): LeSean McCoy

  9. Team Loza (Liz Loza): Jay Ajayi — “He’s a beast after contact,” said Loza.

  10. Team Pianowski (Scott Pianowski): Devonta Freeman — “Dominant player two years in a row,” Pianowski said. “He can catch it and score from in close”

The shocker came at pick two with Russell representing his hometown, taking the University of Louisville product Parker. After that, though, things settled in with five receivers and five running backs taken in the opening round.

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Round 2

  1. Pianowski: Michael Thomas

  2. Loza: Jordy Nelson

  3. Olynyk: A.J. Green

  4. London: Dez Bryant

  5. Behrens: Melvin Gordon

  6. Del Don: Jordan Howard

  7. Marino: Leonard Fournette — “He’s gonna get the ball a lot,” said Marino, who’s not worried about Jacksonville’s QB situation derailing Fournette’s debut season.

  8. Dion: Doug Baldwin

  9. Russell: DeSean Jackson

  10. Vets: Rob Gronkowski

A lot of stars unexpectedly dropped into the second round, including A.J. Green, who was named “the steal of the draft so far” by host Brad Evans. There was a mid-round run on young running backs, and our first non-RB/WR came off the board with Gronkowski going to Team Vets to close out the round.

Round 3

  1. Vets: Brandin Cooks — “With the Edelman injury, there’s like 150 targets up for grabs.”

  2. Russell: Ezekiel Elliott

  3. Dion: DeMarco Murray

  4. Marino: Amari Cooper

  5. Del Don: Todd Gurley

  6. Behrens: Terrelle Pryor — “There’s over 200 targets up for grabs” with the departures of DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garçon, says Behrens.

  7. London: Lamar Miller

  8. Olynyk: T.Y. Hilton

  9. Loza: Tom Brady

  10. Pianowski: Demaryius Thomas — “They don’t throw the ball to a lot of people,” said Pianowski of the Denver offense. He called Thomas “one of the safest picks in the third round.”

Draft Grades

Brad Evans handed out grades from the first three rounds. Here’s how the participants finished:

Duffy and Cliburn: B+
Russell: D+
Dion: A-
Marino: B
Del Don: B-
Behrens: F for kissing up too much
London: D
Olynyk: D+
Loza: C
Pianowski: B-