2017 AAC Media Days: Day 1

Bryan Moss, Publisher
Tiger Sports Report


The 2017 AAC Media Days is upon us. Before the fun of seeing how many lobsters one can eat, the Memphis Tigers got to go through some media training.

They also got to do some interviews with CBS Sports Network and The American Digital Network.

The night finished up with the Clambake.


As I rubbed elbows with other media, players, coaches, and admin, I casually took a unofficial poll to see who they thought we going to the AAC Championship this year.

Most of the people I talked to felt USF will play Memphis in the conference championship with the Bulls taking the crown.

One Western Division school official told me, "Memphis is the team to beat in the West. Their offense is down right scary."

An Eastern Conference Coach said, "We all know USF is the team to beat. They are the favorites but they haven't played a game. Either have we. This will be an exciting year for the American Conference."

The Pre-Season Media Poll will be released Tuesday at 8:30am.

The surprise of the night?

UCF OL Aaron Evans. He broke the record and ate 10 lobsters.

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