2015 NBA draft shopping lists, division by division

2015 NBA draft shopping lists, division by division

The 2015 NBA draft is on Thursday evening, each of the NBA’s 30 teams (even Brooklyn!) will have draft picks and needs to fulfill. With this is mind, Ball Don’t Lie set out to establish the draft needs and expectations for each NBA team, division by division. Here is a roundup of what we projected:

The Atlantic Division

The New York Knicks could find (another) franchise savior, the Boston Celtics could move their ass(ets) into a go-to player, the Philadelphia 76ers could acquire 2022’s top scorer, Toronto could take in some depth, and the Brooklyn Nets … well, the Nets won’t have significant draft picks for a little while.

The Central Division

Detroit looks to add perhaps its final lottery piece, Chicago tries to find its latest late first-round gem, the Cavaliers will be searching for a rookie that hasn’t made fun of LeBron James on Twitter, the Pacers are shooting for a win-now contributor, and Milwaukee is on the prowl for yet another 6-9 guy that does it all.

The Southeast Division

Atlanta looks to turn its gifted mid-first round pick into a gifted helper, Charlotte hopes to find anyone that can score and chew gum at the same time, Miami is attempting to add a contributor to its hoped-for Big Five, Washington needs someone to shoot more 20-footers, and Orlando could find a young stud to put them over the top.

The Pacific Division

The Los Angeles Lakers could skip up the entire top ten with their selection, the Phoenix Suns are looking for someone to settle its roster, the Sacramento Kings are trying to nail a lottery pick in spite of its owner, the Los Angeles Clippers badly need some depth, and the Golden State Warriors don’t appear to need anything but that won’t stop them from trying to rub it in.

The Southwest Division

New Orleans will add a piece to the NBA’s next great offensive juggernaut, Dallas will attempt to acquire a contributor on the cheap, San Antonio will select someone that makes everyone go “oooooh,” while Memphis and Houston will get into a calculator and knife fight.

The Northwest Division

Minnesota will try to start the 2015 NBA draft the right way, Denver will try to plug up one of its many roster holes, Utah will add another sterling piece to its burgeoning winner, the Oklahoma City Thunder will attempt to take advantage of one of its rare lottery picks, and Portland is looking to select its new favorite son.

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