Follow the 2012 NBA draft live at Ball Don’t Lie

Ball Don't Lie Staff
Ball Don't Lie

Save for a pair of trades featuring some of the NBA's silliest players, the entire week surrounding the NBA's 2012 draft has been one giant smokescreen. Save for top overall pick almost certainly being used on your newest New Orleans Hornet Anthony Davis, there is little consensus beyond that — especially with Charlotte's second overall pick available to be dealt for.

So why not join the mess, with your pals from Ball Don't Lie? Come hang at our Cover It Live chat around 7 p.m., Eastern, as we wrangle back and forth on a draft gone terribly smoky. And don't worry about missing any of the haps that you'd usually take in from your Twitter feed, because all of Twitter's best and brightest will be included in our reel.

It'll be real good. Let's learn about 60 new players, together.

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