2008 Celtics champion center Scot Pollard recovering after heart transplate surgery

Call him what you will, but champion Boston Celtics center Scot Pollard is a survivor — even when he is not taking part in the reality television classic. The 2008 Boston titlist has reportedly underwent successful heart transplant surgery after finding a donor, according to the Associated Press. The 49-year-old big man had been in poor health for some time as viral damage to his heart put his life at risk.

Now, Pollard’s wife, Dawn, shared an update on his surgery on social media, who shared that her husband is “awake and feeling great” after having the critical operation. “Surgery went well, and I’ve been told the heart is big,” she wrote, “powerful and is a perfect fit!”

“Now on to the crucial part of recovery,” she added.

Pollard’s considerable size at 6-foot-11 and 260 lbs. made finding the right donor a challenge. But Pollard is now looking like the greatest risk is past him, with a long road to recovery ahead.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire