The $20 Valentine's Day gift guide for someone you're...sort of dating?

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Dating is tough. And that’s the polite way to put it! If you’re in a relationship, just starting out, or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day can be a minefield of questions. To gift or not to gift? To define the relationship or keep it “casual.” (Tip: Maybe don’t discuss this on Valentine’s?)

If you’re planning to get your special someone (or however you’re labeling them) a gift for Valentine’s Day, go no further! These 7 gifts say “I like you, but not too much, unless you like me, and then in that case I really like you!” …Or something like that.

Dating is weird, but these gifts—all under $20—are not!

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Sunglasses: SOJOS has tons of options for men and women, so they can say, “You’re so hot, I need shades to look at you.” Or… “I need to cover my eyes so you can’t see my true feelings within.”  

Personalized necklaces: If you want to get your S.O. some jewelry that says “cute” and not “committed,” try a simple monogrammed charm. Etsy has tons of affordable options, many from independent sellers. If you’re feeling extra confident, maybe give her your initials. 

Cooking/baking kit: If you’re hoping for a quiet night in, put the festivities in motion with an at-home baking kit. Make some sweet treats for that Netflix and chill session you have your sights on. FoodStirs offers complete baking kits for just $18.99.

Fancy chocolate: Maybe it’s too soon to present your partner with a big heart-shaped box…so swap that for some more unique chocolate sweets, perhaps with a bit of spice. Lindt makes a spicy chili chocolate bar, and Williams-Sonoma has a chocolate bar set that pairs with whisky.

Tile Mate finder: If you’re splitting time between your spaces and can’t keep track of your things, snag a Tile Mate bluetooth finder to make hectic mornings easier.  Sync up to your phone so you know just where your stuff…and your pride…is.

Movie Pass: Set up lots of cheap dinner-and-a-movie dates and buy your partner a Movie Pass. For $10 a month, (and no subscription commitment!) you can see unlimited movies at 4,000 theaters. Is “50 Shades Freed” too obvious a choice?

Coffee mug: Say everything you can’t put into words on the side of a coffee mug. Etsy and Cafe Press have lots of Valentine-centric options, like this one, that just says, “Meh.” Can’t sum up modern dating better than that!


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