The 2-Minute Drill I Saquon Barkley takes on the Titans in week 1, Trevor Lawrence's fresh start and a youthful QB battle in Chicago

Yahoo Sports' Andy Behrens runs through a few of the biggest storylines to watch out for in week 1 of the NFL season, including how the Giants running back will fare against one of the best defensive units in the league.

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ANDY BEHRENS: Hey, Andy Behrens with Yahoo Sports. This is the two-minute drill. Preseason is behind us and your fantasy season is underway officially.

- You're getting wired up.

ANDY BEHRENS: Two minutes on the clock? No problem. That's plenty of time to discuss the three biggest things that I'll be watching in the NFL's opening week.


Number one, Saquon Barkley spent the summer talking like a guy who knows what's about to go down. He does not lack confidence right now. He's another year removed from his ACL surgery. But Barkley averaged just 3.7 yards per carry last season, produced only nine runs of 10 or more yards. It was bad.

- LOL.

ANDY BEHRENS: But he now says he's better than ever. The expletives are flying. I'm intrigued. The Giants don't exactly have much of a plan B at running back, so workload shouldn't be an issue for Barkley.

But he gets Tennessee in week one. Ugh, that was the league's number two run defense last year, so it is a tough test immediately. But if he's back to being vintage Barkley, he's match-up proof.

- Giants. Giants. Giants. Giants.

ANDY BEHRENS: The second big thing that I'm watching is a game that, yeah OK, it might be terrible. Jacksonville travels to Washington. Trevor Lawrence has escaped the Urban Meyer theater of pain.

- Thank God.

ANDY BEHRENS: He has a new offense that theoretically suits his talents. He has a remade receiving room. Lawrence has a ton to prove, but he is a massive talent. His opening-week match-up is a gift.

- [MUSIC PLAYING] Hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah.

ANDY BEHRENS: I'm bullish on Lawrence this season. Some of you may have written him off last year, but that ain't me.

The third big thing that I'm watching-- listen, I don't advise you to actually spend a whole lot of your season watching Bears' football. That's not a thing that you want to do. But we should actually be all over the San Francisco-Chicago game in week one--

- I'm really stoked.

ANDY BEHRENS: --and Trey Lance and Justin Fields, second-year quarterbacks with silly rushing ability and everything to prove. Fields just played a flawless preseason game against the Browns' junior varsity defense. Lance, of course, has the better supporting cast around him, but he can't shake Jimmy G. Can't wait to see if Fields can build on his last start and if Lance can fully establish himself. If he can, that guy has QB1 upside.


Come on, that was basically four topics in two minutes. This gimmick is easy.