2 men accused of placing antisemitic stickers, graffiti in Ormond Beach

Police lights
Police lights

Two men are facing charges after police said they placed antisemitic stickers and used spray paint to scrawl antisemitic messages throughout Ormond Beach.

Daniel Howard McGinnis, 34, of Zebrawood Court in Palm Coast, and Jeremy Todd Imbler, 35, of Pine Cone Trail in Ormond Beach, were each charged with criminal mischief, which is a third-degree felony because the damages were $1,000 or more.

While no formal charging decision has been made, the actions are unlikely to be legally considered a hate crime because the men did not appear to target a specific individual.

Both men have been released from jail: McGinnis after posting $15,000 bail and Imbler after posting $30,500.

The vandalism was first reported in early November when Ormond Beach Police learned of antisemitic stickers at Nova Community Park, a press release stated. Several more antisemitic stickers and spray-painted stencils were found in the city in mid-November, the report stated.

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The stickers were placed on street signs, traffic light poles, crosswalk poles, traffic control boxes and other objects throughout Ormond Beach, a charging affidavit stated. Some were also placed on private businesses, according to a charging affidavit.

Street signs were vandalized with spray-painted symbols, including swastikas and “WW3 NOW,” according to a charging affidavit.

Stickers also found near two Jewish places of worship

Antisemitic stickers were also placed at Main Trail and North Nova Road, which the affidavit stated were intended to be seen by Jewish residents since two places of worship are nearby: B’nai Torah at 403 N. Nova Road and Temple Beth-El at 579 N. Nova Road.

On Dec. 1, The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Latent Print Unit identified fingerprints found on a stop sign, a no-parking sign and on a sticker as belonging to McGinnis, the affidavit stated.

On Dec. 4, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood reported seeing stickers “plastered” on businesses west of the Granada Bridge, according to the affidavit.

The City of Ormond Beach reported a total loss of $2,150 in damage and repair cost due to the vandalism, the affidavit stated. That does not include any damage to private businesses.

Later on Dec. 4, Ormond Beach Police and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office arrested McGinnis at his home in Palm Coast. Asked why he was going to Ormond Beach to place the stickers, McGinnis told police he was from Ormond Beach and liked “The Trails” area of the city, the affidavit stated.

McGinnis originally said he acted alone, but in a later police interview said Imbler was with him, the affidavit stated. McGinnis said it was Imbler who used spray-paint, although McGinnis claimed he advised him against that, according to the affidavit.

Ormond Beach Police arrested Imbler on Dec. 14 during a traffic stop. Besides the felony vandalism charge, Imbler was charged with driving with a suspended or revoked license because he had not paid a fine, the affidavit stated.

Imbler was also charged with carrying a concealed firearm, according to the affidavit.

Imbler does not have a concealed carry permit but he had a pistol in the center seat readily accessible and covered by cups and other items, the affidavit stated.

During an interview Imbler admitted he posted antisemitic stickers but did not provide exact locations, the affidavit stated.

Imbler told police he did not intend to carry out any violent acts against Jewish people or their synagogues, the affidavit stated.

This article originally appeared on The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Men accused of placing antisemitic stickers, markings in Ormond Beach