1927 Miller Supercharged One-Man Front Drive Race Car #3

Pebble Beach week is coming up, and RM Sotheby's will once again host an auction there. It will run from August 18 to August 20. Ahead of the auction, RM Sotheby's brought some of the cars from a Detroit-area collection that will be offered for the press to check out. They included a 1927 Miller race car, a 1929 Auburn 8-90 Speedster, 1956 Porsche 356 A, 1964 Porsche 356 C and a 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona. Expected sale prices for these vehicles range between $90,000 at the low end for the 1956 Porsche, to as high as $850,000 for the Miller race expected to auction at Pebble Beach for $700K to $850K

Video Transcript

- This is a 1927 Miller supercharged race car. And there's a lot of interesting things about this car. One of them is that this particular car was not built this way originally. What it is is an assembly of genuine Miller parts to create a replica of a Miller race car that would have raced in Indy.

And in fact, there are a couple of other cars similar to this spec that had been originally made as race cars. One is in the Smithsonian and one is at the Indy Motor Speedway Museum. So this one that will be offered at auction is a pretty unique opportunity for someone.

Now, what's cool about it is the powertrain. It has a double overhead cam straight eight. It's supercharged. The intake is over here. And the supercharger is right in this area as well.

So that feeds the straight eight. And instead of sending power to the back, it sends the power to the front. It's a front-wheel drive race car, which is unusual.

One of the benefits of that is that the whole car can sit a lot lower than a lot of cars of the period because they're not having to run a drive shaft and transmission under here. It's all up front. So it's a lower, sleeker race car. RM Auctions is expecting this one will go for between $700,000 and $850,000 at the Monterey auction this year.