18-year-old punched protecting woman in fight dies a week later, Louisiana cops say

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An 18-year-old who was punched while trying to protect a woman during a fight in a parking lot died in the hospital one week later, Louisiana police say. And now, two men are charged in his death.

Hayes Sellers was trying to defuse an argument between a man and a woman in the parking lot near a nightclub in Baton Rouge at around 2 a.m. on May 8, according to an affidavit from the Baton Rouge Police Department.

The man, later identified as Jayce Lambert, became aggressive and was “trying to fight every person that he came in contact with,” the affidavit says.

Sellers was trying to protect the woman when a second man, later identified as Edmond Revelle, got out of a car, approached Sellers and punched him “with a closed fist on the side of the face,” the affidavit says.

Sellers went unconscious and fell to the ground, striking his head on the concrete. Revelle and Lambert left the scene without trying to call first responders or help Sellers, according to the affidavit.

Sellers was taken to the hospital in critical condition with bleeding and swelling of the brain. Surgeons operated on him, but he remained unresponsive, the affidavit says.

He died on May 15 as a direct result of the injuries from the fight one week earlier, the affidavit says.

Revelle, 20, is charged with second-degree murder, and Lambert, 20, is charged with principal to second-degree murder, according to police.

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