17 weeks of chemo meant 17 weeks of dancing, costumes, and homemade signs for this nurse

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STOUD, U.K. - Going through chemotherapy is rough, but having the support of your loved ones can make all the difference.

Bex Turley was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2021 and underwent chemotherapy sessions by herself due to pandemic restrictions. In order to show their support, Turley's friends and family decided to send her off to all of her sessions with sweet signs, silly costumes, and choreographed dances. They did this for 17 weeks straight.

"Seeing the costumes and the dance routines that they'd spent hours rehearsing made me laugh so much during what was such a difficult time," Turley said to SWNS.

Watch the video above to see what wacky routines Turley's neighbors get into.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Cancer nurse gets flash dance surprise