17 Times People Didn't Realize Who They Were Talking To, And Painfully Embarrassed Themselves

1.When this person told a former US Secretary of Labor to "run for office" instead of "Twitter raging":

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2. When a rental car agent deleted Tony Hawk's name off the list because he assumed it wasn't really Tony Hawk:

3. When security tried to bar a speaker from entering her own event:

4. When a mansplainer tried to school this doctor with a quote from her own paper:

5.When this person told a published researcher to "do more research":

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6. When this person asked the men's national soccer team coach if he was a "soccer fan":

7. When this person didn't realize they were actually talking to T-Pain on Reddit:

8. When the production coordinator unknowingly talked down to the director of the film they were working on:

9. When this person questioned a constitutional lawyer on their political knowledge:

10. When this person had no clue they were talking to Elon Musk's mom:

11. When this person thought they knew better than an entomologist:

12. When this Karen angrily told the owner of a store to go get the manager:

13. When this person seemed to forget Jake Tapper's thorough reporting on Afghanistan:

14. When this person didn't realize they were talking to the very artist they were praising:

15. When this person refused to believe they were talking to an actor from Ted Lasso:

16. When this person accused a history major of never studying history:

17. And finally, when this person tried to tell a writer of Thor what Thor really is:

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