In 17 postseason games, Patrick Mahomes is 14-3 with 39 TDs and 7 interceptions

In his six seasons as the Chiefs' starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes has been the best regular-season player in the NFL.

In the postseason, he's been even better.

Sunday's AFC Championship Game was Mahomes' 17th career postseason game, meaning he has played a full season's worth of games in the playoffs. And in those games, Mahomes is even better than he is in the regular season.

The Chiefs are 14-3 in Mahomes' 17 postseason starts. That's a .824 winning percentage, even better than his .771 winning percentage from his 74-22 regular-season record as a starter.

Mahomes' postseason passer rating of 106.3 is better than his regular season passer rating of 103.5.

Mahomes' postseason completion rate of 67.4 percent is better than his regular season completion rate of 66.5 percent.

Mahomes' postseason touchdown-interception ratio of 39-7 is better than his regular season ratio of 219-63. His rate of throwing a touchdown on 6.2 percent of his passes in the postseason is better than his regular season rate of 6.1 percent. Mahomes' postseason rate of throwing an interception on 1.1 percent of his passes is better than his regular season rate of 1.8 percent.

Even based only on his regular-season numbers, Mahomes would be well on his way to a Hall of Fame career. But by stepping up his game in the playoffs, Mahomes has already established himself as one of the truly elite players in NFL history.