17 Hysterical Kids Whose Mistakes Made Their Parents Laugh Until They Couldn't See Straight Anymore

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1. This kid, whose latte art is, well, artistic:

2. This kid, who thought their mom's pads were stickers, and did this:

3. This kid, who didn't know how to spell "pho," and the results were hysterical:

4.This kid, who drew this very, very honest picture of their mom:

5.This kid, whose parent found only half of their drawing and almost lost it:

6.This kid, who drew a chalk outline of a body on the driveway right before their real estate agent mom's open house:

7.This kid, whose drawing depicted their mom like this:

8.This kid, whose mispronunciation is hilariously right:

9. And this kid, who gave Yoda a hilariously placed lightsaber...I think:

10. This kid, who accidentally overdid it on the condiments:

11.This kid, who meant to write "dear donors," but wrote their D's backward, so...:

12. This kid, who hilariously misunderstood the baby changing sign:

13. This kid, who thought they were writing "plastic containers:"

14.This kid, who didn't choose her words very carefully:

15. This kid, who tried to write "trick or treat":

16.And this kid, who thought they were writing, "Christmas, a time for glitz":

17.And finally, this kid, who mistook their mother's sanitary product for a juice, and the rest is comedic history: