17 Dads Who Took A Problem And Ran With It In A Seriously Genius Direction

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1.This dad, who came up with a seriously genius remote holder:

2.This dad, who figured out a way to make sure his kid was never without a hair tie when they needed one:

3.This dad, who cut rubber gloves that had a hole in them into individual jumbo rubber bands:

4.This dad, who ran out of milk, but discovered that whipped cream would do the trick just fine when it melts:

5.This dad, whose toddler really wanted to drink his coke, so he did this to make them think they had:

6.This dad, who figured out a genius way to play with his kid without missing the game:

7.This dad, who forgot to bring his kid's hair tie to practice, so he repurposed what he had in the car:

8.And this dad, who discovered that a twist tie works just as well in a bind:

9. This dad, who is a hilarious master of pasta sauce repurposing:

10.This dad, who realized that his six-pack carrier is perfect for holding baby bottles:

11.This dad, who used his kid's diaper to keep the Christmas lights hanger from scratching the paint:

12. This dad, who is an artist, really:

13.This dad, who added a not-so-secret ingredient to his kid's French toast to get them to eat it:

14.This dad, who came up with a creative way to keep his kids from losing the remote:

15.This dad, who realized his kid's insulated lunchbox makes a great beer cooler:

16.This dad, who used a pizza cutter to make his kid's pasta easier for them to eat:

17. And this dad, who found his way out a problem with a hilarious solution: