16 things you didn't know about The Holiday

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The Holiday is up there as one of our collective favourite Christmas films of all time. When it comes to Christmas movie marathons, you can't have one without The Holiday - and we get more and more obsessed with it each time Christmas rolls around (er, once a year, then).

Still, no matter how many times you've watched The Holiday there's *always* more new food for thought surrounding the film - like all the different ways The Holiday would be different in 2021, plus a deep dive into why Jude Law's character Graham is literally the best ever.

On top of all that, there are *still* tonnes of secrets to uncover about the film, from the scene that took a week to shoot, to the gift Jude Law gave to Miffy Englefield who played Sophie.

As we mentioned, we're still pretty obsessed, which is why we've done even more digging into all the things you never knew about The Holiday. From unscripted scenes to off-screen romances, get ready to learn some secrets...

1. Dustin Hoffman said his cameo in the film was not scripted or planned.

According to the DVD's commentary, he drove back the DVD shop whilst Kate Winslet and Jack Black were inside filming a scene, noticed all the cameras outside and decided to stop in and see what was happening. He knew director Nancy Meyers, and together they created a scene he appeared in which eventually made the cut.

2. The film was written specifically with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black in mind, so the writers played to the actors and actresses strengths in the script.

3. Kate Winslet and Rufus Sewell, who play Iris and Jasper, had previously had a romance IRL. Some bits must have been pretty awkward to film, huh?

4. The website Iris and Amanda use to exchange houses is actually a real website, called

5. Cameron Diaz claims this movie is her most physical of all due to all the running she had to do, during a chat with the cast in the DVD Special Features. Considering she has to run in snow IN HEELS, we can see where she's coming from.

6. The interior sets for Amanda's house were built on a sound stage and cost approximately $1million - and that's without exterior walls, a roof, plumbing heating and electricity. Ah, so thats why the house is so bloody nice.

Photo credit: pinterest
Photo credit: pinterest

7. Jude Law has a real life daughter named Iris. Do you reckon he was inspired by Graham's sister at the time or what?

8. When Arthur and Iris bond over the fact Cary Grant is from Surrey, they're actually wrong. He's from Bristol.

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

9. The Christmas party scene at the beginning of the film, in which Jasper gets engaged and Iris is left gutted, took so many takes to film that Kate Winslet apparently dropped to her knees and jokingly prayed to the high heavens that it was the perfect by the last shot.

10. Sadly, Rose Cottage does not actually exist. It was built in a field by the producers over the course of two weeks.

11. The Wombats (remember them?), reportedly wrote their hit song 'Kill The Director' about The Holiday, after going to see it expecting a Bridget Jones' style romcom and instead hating on it - hence the lyrics: 'If this is a rom-com, kill the director' and 'this is no Bridget Jones'. NO. WAY.

12. The "boob graze" line in the sushi bar came about because Jack Black accidentally grazed director Nancy Meyers' boob and she found the interaction so funny, she wrote it into the script the next day.

13. The English village scenes are filmed in Godalming and Shere in Surrey, and The White Horse' is indeed a real pub.

14. It apparently snowed three times in Surrey during the week of filming, but the crew had already hired a snow machine because they didn't think it actually would.

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy

15. Kate Winslet's dance when she first arrives in LA was entirely improvised, according to BuzzFeed.

16. Meyers knows Lindsay Lohan because she directed The Parent Trap, and asked her to film a fake movie trailer for The Holiday as a favour. Lohan was immediately up for it, and James Franco signed up soon after.

Photo credit: The Holiday
Photo credit: The Holiday

Happy holidays!

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