15 funniest tweets about Russell Wilson’s recovery workout on Broncos’ plane

Russell Wilson becoming the punchline of the NFL was not on our Bingo card going into this season. That’s how bad it’s been for the Seahawks’ former franchise quarterback in Denver, though.

On the field, Wilson’s regression has been nothing short of shocking. All of the great things he used to do for Seattle have seemingly been schemed out of him and his confidence has dropped off a cliff. Meanwhile, his former backup Geno Smith has become a legitimate MVP candidate.

On top of everything else, Wilson is now dealing with a hamstring injury and his status for Sunday’s early morning London game is now in doubt. Wilson is apparently trying to force his way back early by doing what he does best: public cringe.

This bit of reportage from Broncos beat writer Zac Stevens is currently the internet’s hottest item.

And thus another Russell Wilson meme was born.

While we’re starting to feel bad for Wilson at this point, it’s tough not to laugh just a little. Here are 15 tweets that hit the funny-bone.

Story originally appeared on Seahawks Wire