130+ Lord of the Rings Cat Names for Your Epic Feline

cat standing in middle ages looking street; Lord of the Rings cat names
cat standing in middle ages looking street; Lord of the Rings cat names

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy—along with other J. R. R. Tolkien works—are beloved for their fantastical storytelling and themes of fellowship and friendship. The bonds made in Tolkien's works are truly iconic and one-of-a-kind, just like the bond we have with our cats. If you've just welcomed a new kitty into your family and are searching for the perfect name, a Lord of the Rings cat name could be just the right moniker for your adventurous feline.

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Out of the many characters mentioned throughout the series, there's bound to be a name that embodies your cat's personality or appearance, whether they remind you of the elegant and graceful elves, bearded Dwarves, or endearing Hobbits ... or you simply just like the name. Alas, naming your feline friend doesn't have to be as long as Frodo's journey.

No matter whether you prefer the books or the films and now television series, we've rounded up some of the best Lord of the Rings cat names. You'll have to be the judge on if there's one name to rule them all.

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Lord of the Rings Female Cat Names

Although there aren't nearly as many female characters as there are males in LOTR, there are plenty of beautiful and badass names to choose from for your fiery feline.

  • Morwen

  • Éowyn

  • Goldberry

  • Míriel

  • Freda

  • Rían

  • Shelob

  • Yavanna

  • Gilraen

  • Hild

  • Lothiriel

  • Ungoliant

  • Ioreth

  • Star

  • Bronwyn

  • Eärwen

  • Niënor

  • Haleth

  • Eärien

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Lord of the Rings Male Cat Names

Take inspiration from any of the male names throughout LOTR for an undeniably strong and distinct moniker.

  • Aragorn

  • Elendil

  • Boromir

  • Isildur

  • Bard

  • Kemen

  • Gandalf

  • Gorbag

  • Lurtz

  • Denethor

  • Beorn

  • Halbrand

  • Gárulf

  • Éomer

  • Azog

  • Saruman

  • Beren

  • Girion

  • Radagast

  • Sauron

  • Eldarion

  • Dreary

  • Barliman

  • Faramir

  • Théoden

  • Meneldor

  • Éomund

  • Strider

  • Arathorn

  • Pharazôn

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Lord of the Rings Hobbit Cat Names

If your cat has the cutest, furriest feet and especially loves nature, one of these Hobbit-inspired names is bound to be a great fit for your happy-go-lucky kitty.

  • Rosie

  • Bilbo

  • Meriadoc (Merry)

  • Largo

  • Frodo

  • Belladonna

  • Samwise (Sam)

  • Poppy

  • Sadoc

  • Mungo

  • Melilot

  • Peregrin (Pippen)

  • Lobelia

  • Fredegar

  • Bungo

  • Everard

  • Goldilocks

  • Hamfast

  • Sméagol (also Gollum)

  • Otho

  • Tolman

  • Filibert

  • Pearl

  • Elanor

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Lord of the Rings Elf Cat Names

Elves are a graceful, powerful bunch with long locks and perfectly pointed ears. If this sounds like your feline friend, try one of these divine names.

  • Arwen

  • Galadriel

  • Haldir

  • Turgon

  • Thranduil

  • Fëanor

  • Elrond

  • Glorfindel

  • Lúthien

  • Celebrimbor

  • Gil-galad

  • Elros

  • Fingolfin

  • Aredhel

  • Galion

  • Eärendil

  • Orophin

  • Legolas

  • Elbereth

  • Finrod

  • Nimue

  • Celebrían

  • Beleg

  • Arondir

  • Fingon

  • Tauriel

  • Idril

  • Curufin

  • Celeborn

  • Elladan

  • Figwit

  • Círdan

  • Gildor


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Lord of the Rings Dwarf Cat Names

Is your kitty fiercely devoted to you? Maybe a little stubborn? Exceptionally hairy? If so, then they need a mighty Dwarf name.

  • Thorin

  • Balin

  • Dwalin

  • Fili

  • Bifur

  • Kili

  • Óin

  • Dori

  • Glóin

  • Bofur

  • Dís

  • Bombur

  • Durin

  • Gimli

  • Ori

  • Disa

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Lord of the Rings Cat Names Inspired by the Cast's Real Names

Whether you're looking for an everyday name or one that radiates star power, the LOTR cast's real names are the purr-fect way to pay homage to your favorite character. Their last names would make excellent options, too!

  • Orlando (Bloom)

  • Liv (Tyler)

  • Viggo (Mortensen)

  • Elijah (Wood)

  • Sean (Astin or Bean)

  • Morfydd (Clark)

  • Cate (Blanchett)

  • Hugo (Weaving)

  • Sala (Baker)

  • Ian (McKellen)

  • Miranda (Otto)

  • Lee (Pace)

  • Sir Lenny (Henry)

  • Andy (Serkis)

  • Ismael (Cruz Córdova)

  • Nazanin (Boniadi)

  • Maxim (Baldry)

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