The 12 most memorable figure skating costumes of all time

Alexander Gazsi: 2014 Sochi

Who would’ve guessed that sweater vests and elbow patches be part of Olympic figure skating? l German Alexander Gazsi made it part of his outfit at the 2014 Sochi Games while his partner, Nelli Zhiganshina, wore a more traditional white leotard.

Katarina Witt: 1988 Calgary

It was the “Battle of the Carmens” at the Calgary Olympics and that showed in the skating costumes as well. German skater Katerina Witt won the gold medal and did so in a black and red flamenco-inspired dress complete with ruffles and extra frilly sleeves.

Tanith Belbin: 2006 US National Championships

American Tanith Belbin took patriotism to another level in her bedazzled USA inspired ice dancing dress. Her partner, Benjamin Agosto, was more understated in a white shirt and black pants.

Johnny Weir: Every outfit that he wears!

No one had more extravagant costumes than Johnny Weir. The two-time Olympian, who retired in 2013, had the most elaborate costumes throughout his career and began designing costumes for other skaters post-retirement.

Jana Khokhlova: 2010 Vancouver

The original girl on fire, Jana Khokhlova went orange and blue with her competition outfit as well as cutouts all over. Her head band also had gems and red and yellow feathers to complete the outfit.

Tatsuki Machida: 2014 World Championships

Feathers and sequins and fringes oh my! Tatsuki Machida’s outfit at the 2014 World Championships combined all three into one dramatic, and memorable, costume.

Tae Hwa Yang: 2002 Salt Lake City

Animal print was clearly back in at the Olympics with the South Korean pairs team wearing zebra inspired outfits in Salt Lake City. But they’re not the only athletes to experiment with animal print.

Danielle O’Brien and Gregory Merriman: 2014 Sochi

The Australian pair also went the colorful route, but chose neon colors instead of pastel.And they didn’t just stop with blocks of bright purple, green and blue. They also added polka dots to her top and his bow tie as well.

Fabian Bourzat and Nathalie Pechalat: 2014 Sochi

Garden-inspired, complete with flower petal skirts, the French ice dancing team were one of the most colorful teams at the Sochi Games. Pechalat combined her pastel orange, pink and yellow dress with sheer green tights.

Oksana Grishuk: 1994 Lillehammer

Crop tops aren’t allowed in figure skating competitions, but that didn’t stop Russia’s Oksana Grishuk at the Lillehammer Olympics. The gold medalist wore a faux-crop top and a sequined skirt and jacket combination.

Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov: 2006 Torino

The Russian ice dancing team had one of the most daring outfits in recent memory. The pair wore Tarzan/jungle-inspired clothes with Kostomarov going bare chested during competition.

Polina Edmunds: 2014 Sochi

Polina Edmunds’ unitard had it all – bright colors, big gems, sheer paneling. The 2014 Olympian has consistently gone bold with her outfits at skating competitions including this purple number and a bright yellow dress in Sochi.

Since figure skaters don’t wear team uniforms, they are given the freedom to express themselves when it comes to fashion. Check out some of our favorite costumes of all time.