11th generation Honda Accord with a better hybrid powertrain and in-car tech

In the pantheon of automotive legends, the Honda Accord has a pedestal right up at the front. Whether measured by sales volume, customer loyalty or overall excellence, it’s been a tough one to beat since it first washed up on North American shores. Now it’s time to see if the 11th-generation, 2023 Honda Accord can keep the streak going.

To call it all-new would not be accurate. The length and track might be different by about a half inch, but the wheelbase, height and width are all the same. So is the colossal 16.7-cubic-foot trunk, and the interior sure seems identically enormous despite the official dimensions not being available at this time. Anecdotally, the silhouette is incredibly similar to the outgoing Accord, with the updated styling amounting to something north of your typical mid-cycle refresh but less than the usual “all-new” from-scratch redesign. It generally looks lower, longer and pointer.

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Video Transcript

- This is the new 11th generation Honda Accord. Specifically, it is the Touring trim.

Now, this is Hybrid only now, as is the Sport, the EX-L, and the Sport-L trims. Basically, if you want a sporty or a luxurious Accord, it's going to be a Hybrid.

The LX the EX are the only way to get the mostly carryover 1.5-liter Turbo. The 2-liter Turbo, it's no more.

Now the entire car itself is 3 inches longer than before, and frankly, the Accord was a pretty long, big car before, and continues to be now. Loads of backseat space. The trunk is unchanged, which means it's absolutely enormous. Fit six suitcases and a cooler back there. Ask me how I know, I've done it.

And then here's the interior. This is pretty consistent with what you'd find in a Civic HR-V, CR-V, but it is elevated, especially because this is the Touring trim level. Higher quality materials, and upgraded tech. This is an all-digital instrument panel, as opposed to part analog, part digital that's in other Hondas.

And then this, standard in all Hybrids, is a 12.3-inch touchscreen. And then the Touring specifically has this-- a Google built-in. So Google Assistant, you also have a variety of Google Apps, and the big one, Google Maps is integrated into the car. So you don't have to plug in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

So it's quite the cool feature, and really lovely interior. And you can decide if the new look is an improvement.