What Mets, Yankees can learn from Braves' 2021 World Series run | What Are The Odds?

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On What Are The Odds? presented by Caesar's Sportsbook, Eamon McAnaney, Marc Malusis and Sal Licata discuss how the New York Mets and NY Yankees can look at the Atlanta Braves run and see that you just need to make it into the MLB Postseason and anything can happen when you get hot. All three guys agree that the Mets will have the steeper climb but both teams need to re-tool with more pieces this offseason. Watch more What Are the Odds: https://sny.tv/shows/what-are-the-odds About What Are The Odds?: What Are The Odds combines sports betting with entertaining, engaging and insightful sports discussion. With talent from BNNY, FNNY and other SNY shows we create conversational sports betting content while still delivering the same impactful topics New York sports fans are used to.