11-year-old Bucs fan who 'proved' Tom Brady is a 'cheater' softens stance: 'It was more on Bill Belichick'

Ace Davis is an 11-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

Davis made headlines last year with his science fair project titled “Is Tom Brady a cheater?”

He concluded that yes, Tom Brady is in fact a cheater. Because of Deflategate, of course.

Now, Davis has a dilemma. For obvious reasons.

What does Davis think now?

With Brady now quarterbacking his favorite team, the Lexington, Kentucky, elementary school student has softened his stance. He talked about his change of heart with ESPN.

“I don’t think that Tom Brady was all in it,” Davis told ESPN of the deflated footballs controversy from the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts after the 2014 season.

So if it wasn’t on Brady, then who’s to blame?

“But Bill Belichick, I think he made up the plan, and then Tom Brady went through with it,” Davis continued. “I think it was more on Bill Belichick than Tom Brady. But Tom Brady, he has a bigger name.”

Or course. It was on Belichick.

Ace Davis has softened his stance after proclaiming last year "I hate Tom Brady." (AP /Michael Pérez)
Ace Davis has softened his stance after proclaiming last year "I hate Tom Brady." (AP /Michael Pérez)

So you don’t hate Tom Brady?

That’s a far cry from the stance Davis took last year when speaking with Draft Diamonds about why he focused his science fair project on Brady.

“Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught,” Davis said.

Now it appears that Davis is all in on Brady as a Buc.

“I think he’ll do great,” Davis told ESPN. “The weapons around him are ... woooo! Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Scotty Miller, O.J. Howard.”

Davis also told Draft Diamonds last year that Brady doesn’t deserve his paychecks when asked what he would tell Brady if he had the chance.

“Gimme some of your money,” Davis said of Brady. “You don’t deserve it.”

There’s no word on if Davis thinks he should get a piece of Brady’s two-year, $50 million deal in Tampa Bay.

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