$10k Hearthstone Major to be featured at PAX East


(image: ONOG)

OneNationOfGamers will be hosting their first official Major of the Hearthstone Championship Tour at PAX East from April 22nd-24th, the organization announced Tuesday. Thanks to the sponsorship support of GEICO, Cyberpower PC, Razer, and ASUS the tournament will feature a $10,000 prize pool. Also up for grabs are 43 total HCT points that players can earn to qualify for regional events and Blizzcon.

Sign-ups will run from 10am-1pm on the first day of PAX at the GEICO Gaming booth. After signups are done on site players will be entered into a 128 player single elimination bracket where they might find themselves facing off against invited pros, including Trump, Firebat, Amaz, Strifeco, Kolento, and Zalae.

The tournament will be the last Blizzard sanctioned event to run before the release of the new expansion “Whispers of the Old Gods” - and more importantly, the switch to the new competitive format of Standard/Wild, which will replace some of the older meta cards with new ones.

Games can be found on the ONOG twitch channel here.

The prize pool and points breakdown is as follows -

First — $4000 and 15 HCT Points

Second — $2000 and 10 HCT Points

Third/Fourth — $700 and 5 HCT Points

Top Eight — $250 and 2 HCT Points

Top Sixteen — $100

Top Thirty-Two — $50

Dylan Walker is on Twitter @dyluuxx.