'We 100% need a quality centre-back'

Your views
Your views

We asked what you would like to see happen at Hibs on transfer deadline day. No prizes for guessing what's top of the wish list...

Here's what some of you said:

Anon: An experienced centre-half. No more untested kids from down south and not another Bournemouth reject please!

Sandy: We definitely need a couple of big central defenders, I can’t see us hanging on to Will Fish in the summer. He’s maturing and he’ll be going back to his parent club or sold on by them next year. The rest of the team is really shaping up. What a couple of tremendous goals last time out. Keep the faith, onwards and upwards.

Martin: This is insane. We've been screaming out for two experienced centre-back for at least three years and here we are still asking. Every fan has been asking for this. What do the board and management not see?

Ross: The business has been not bad so far. Two centre halves would be ideal, but unlikely. Sad to see Doidge go, always gave 100%, just didn't get a fair crack latterly. Good luck to him going forward.

Danny: We 100% need a quality centre-back. Currently we've Fish and Bushiri starting in the middle of the back four. Both talented but both still young and a bit erratic. There's speculation about Bevan, who sounds similar. Hanlon is at the other end, very experienced but getting on. We need someone in between, with proven quality and experience, to marshal the back four.

Disco: With the Foley money incoming, we should be looking to sign a Sauzee-like figure - someone with pedigree and experience. The youngsters and attackers we are signing need a calm head and cultured foot at the back. I'm willing to write off the season and fully back Monty. He's either going to be a real success or we're going to be where we were anyway.

George: Clear as day, we need a solid centre-bacl. Hanlon has too many mistakes in his game, has for years, and his ability to bring the ball out and play is shoogly to say the least. Bushiri is a total liability. For a big lad, he's just not strong enough, positionally weak at corners/crosses, and I hold my breath when he's carrying the ball out of defence.