10 top-rated Pumpkin Beers to try this fall

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'Tis the season ...

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Pumpkin has continued its run as the versatile star of the Fall, making appearances in everything from pies to chips to Halloween costumes and decor, and yes, even alcoholic beverages.

Welcome to the rise of Pumpkin Beers.

The winter squash icon has been an added twist to more than a few brews— ales, primarily— creating interesting profiles that introduce fizzy flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg and that general spiciness of the season.

Like any beer, though, it can be an actual test shuffling through the different pumpkin brewskis in the beer aisle or online, so we’ve headed back to BeerAdvocate to see which ones rated the highest.

Here are the top 10.

(Note: if you’re new to BeerAdvocate’s excellent beer ratings, the list is based on a weighted calculation, where “number of times rated” factors into the overall rankings.)

Honorable mentions


We’d be amiss not to include a few pumpkin beers that caught our eye beyond the top 10 — mainly the ones that introduced something unique…that also makes sense in a beer that is, in the simplest terms, a novelty.

Our favorites:

Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumking – Rum Barrel Aged.

Southern Tier Brewing Company Pumking – Chai Tea Infused.

Haw River Farmhouse Ales Javalantern Coffee Cream Stout.

10. Horseheads Brewing Inc. Pumpkin Ale


Average rating: 4.21



Average weighted rating: 4.21

8. The Schlafly Tap Room Pumpkin Ale


Average weighted rating: 4.2

7. Selin's Grove Brewing Company — Pumpkin Ale


Average weighted rating: 4.26

6. Prairie Artisan Ales — Basic Becky


Average weighted rating: 4.24

5. Saint Arnold Brewing Company — Pumpkinator (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

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Average weighted rating: 4.29

4. Cigar City Brewing — Good Gourd


Average weighted rating: 4.26

3. Saint Arnold Brewing Company — Pumpkinator


Average weighted rating: 4.28

2. Alewerks Brewing Company — Imperial Pumpkin - Bourbon Barrel


Average weighted rating: 4.43

1. Bottle Logic Brewing — Picture If You Will


Average weighted rating: 4.32

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