10 questions with Steve Cishek, White Sox pitcher

While everyone is staying home and social distancing, we're checking in with how your favorite athletes are doing.

This week we talk to White Sox pitcher Steve Cishek.

Chuck Garfien: Who are you hunkered down with there in Florida?

Steve Cishek: I'm hunkered down with my wife, Marissa and my two girls, Emmie and Avery. Oh and our dog Lola of course who's really enjoying time at home.

CG: I think the dogs are really, pets in general, are really benefitting the most from this. Would you agree?

SC: Absolutely, unless you're a cat because I think all cats hate people.

CG:I f you had to be locked inside with one teammate, one teammate from this current 2020 squad, who would it be and why?

SC: I would say, well my throwing partner, Aaron Bummer. We could still keep our arm in shape. He's got a great sense of humor, I feel like we get along pretty well. And it seems like he likes games, like board games stuff like that, family type games so we could have game night pretty much every night.

CG: Which teammate have you been in touch with the most?

SC: I've been in touch with James McCann the most. He's our union rep, and I've been an alternate rep on several other teams and stuff like that, so I think I kind of just got put into that position here so we've been keeping in touch quite a bit.

CG: And I think we should show off the jersey, who ya got there?

SC: Yeah, I've got Dream Team Michael Jordan, you know, Chicago legend. Figured it was appropriate for this.

CG: How are you staying in shape? And are there any out of the ordinary at-home workouts you can recommend for fans?

SC: Yeah, I've been training in the backyard. I got a mat we roll out on the patio. I borrowed some Bowflex weights from a friend of mine, that you can adjust them. I got this TheraBand thing, you can use it for single arm rows, you can use it for a lot of stuff. I forget what it's called but it's a new item they're putting out there. I got J-bands for my shoulder work, small weights for my shoulder work, I got a little weight bench out there. I got pretty much everything you need essentially to stay in shape physically. And then a net to throw into in the backyard.

CG: You're good to go for a while it sounds like.

SC: Quarantine life, right there.

CG: Have you attempted to learn a new hobby, an instrument, a second language?

SC: No, actually I haven't. I thought about it and then, right now with the girls, they're not necessarily in school right now, but we want to kind of get them still learning some words, sight words, all that stuff. So I've been trying to help the wife out with that. And then obviously, just playing with them. We're lucky enough to have a pool in our backyard so they're in that thing all day.

CG: Other than your Michael Jordan Dream Team jersey, what is your most treasured career keepsake at your home and where do you keep it?

SC: Ooh, that's a good question. I would have to say in here right behind me is that jersey. I got to play for Team USA in the WBC in 2013 and that was the greatest baseball experience I've ever had. I mean I couldn't trade it for anything in the baseball world. So I think that's one of my favorite and most proud moments was playing for the USA.

CG: Anything you had left at the office you wish you had with you now? Anything you left at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona?

SC: I think my White Sox jersey, my Spring Training one, because I left it there full expectations we'd be back soon. And it looks like we will, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound like a pessimist here. But in the event we don't I kind of wanted to keep that jersey. Everything else I kind of have here.

CG: What's your go-to quarantine meal?

SC: My best one would probably be smoked ribs. I have a Green Egg back here, I smoked some ribs the other night. Oh, there's a hobby. I've been trying to smoke as much meat on the Green Egg and learn how to do it as I can, so there you go.

CG: What movies, TV, classic games have you been watching?

SC: We started watching Letter To The King. I think it's on Netflix. We got to the fifth episode and everything just got flipped upside down and now we're over it, so we stopped. We didn't like that part. We've been watching just new movies that have come out on Disney Plus, obviously with the kids. And I want to get the family into Star Wars, I want to see if I can get into it a little bit more. So, we'll see.

CG: Any favorite podcasts or social media follows during this time for you?

SC: Hmm. Podcasts? Other than our church's podcast which has been putting out good material for this stuff, it's called Courageous Churchmen. Eric Cressey's podcast is really good if you're into strength training, especially in the baseball world, I'd definitely give it a listen. There's a lot of good people on there, good ballplayers too. I'd think those two would probably the best in terms of what to listen to.

CG: I think you should listen to my podcast, the White Sox Talk podcast.

SC: Oh, and I will be tuning into the White Sox podcast, absolutely.

CG: Do you have any toilet paper to share? And spare?

SC: You know, my wife somehow slipped in a box order two days ago, it ended up being a like celebration in the house because now we've got some TP on the way. We don't know when it's coming in yet, but it's en route. So that was a huge victory. We weren't running low per se, but it was starting to get to the yellow to red line, let's just say that.

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10 questions with Steve Cishek, White Sox pitcher originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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