10 questions with Scott Podsednik, White Sox legend

Chuck Garfien
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We've asking your favorite Chicago athletes 10 questions about what they're doing during the COVID-19 related stay-at-home orders.

This week, we have Chicago White Sox legend Scott Podsednik on the hot seat.

Chuck Garfien: Who are you hunkered down with right now as we live through this pandemic?

Scott Podsednik: Yeah, it's getting pretty crazy out there. So I get my children basically every other weekend, so I have those guys with me from Thursday through Monday, on those weekends. So they're with me on those designated weekends. And then Lindsey has been here a lot with me, as well, so us four just kind of hunkering in and trying to weather this.

Chuck: If you had to be locked inside with one teammate from the ‘05 White Sox, who would that be?

Pods: Good question. Let's see, probably the first guy that pops into mind would probably be Crede, and here's why. I think that his easy going demeanor and laid back attitude might serve us well if things got too crazy and people started panicking. So I think that easy level going attitude of Crede's might be easy to hang with. And then another, you know, if we lost all social order, Chuck, you know Crede is very good at hunting and butchering animals, so we might be able to live off the land if things got really out of control.

Chuck: Which teammate have you been keeping in touch with the most, if not currently but over the last several years?

Pods: I have to say over the last three to five years, I've probably kept in touch the most with Jermaine Dye. You know, we took a couple golf trips together, and I will probably exchange more texts with Jermaine over the next couple years.

Chuck: How are you staying in shape? And are there any out of the ordinary at home workouts you could recommend for fans?

Pods: Ok, that is a good question. I have turned my garage into a makeshift gym. I'm getting quite a few workouts in. I'm lifting in there about three, on average, about three days a week, and then I'll go to the track two, maybe on average, two days a week to run. So I'm getting as much as I can get done there in the garage. Let's see, if I had to offer advice, you know what, you can pretty much turn anything into a workout. My advice would be up the intensity and go to failure. As long as you go to failure, you're going to get some exercise in.

Chuck: Have you learned a new hobby, like an instrument, a second language? What have you been doing other than working out to pass the time? Is there any hobby out there that you have been trying or thinking about trying to do?

Pods: Yeah, one of my go to hobbies is golf. So the golf has slowed down definitely. I did get a chance to play a couple weeks ago with Jason Nicks. I don't know if you remember Nick?

Chuck: Yes!

Pods: So we haven't golfed much as of late. I haven't started a new hobby, but I will tell you, Chuck, I, I'm finding things to do around the house. I'm cleaning like a mad man, I'm doing yard work, I'm pulling weeds. I actually mulched part of the yard last week. Chuck, yesterday, this is a true story, I cleaned the baseboards in my house. I got on my hands and knees, and went around. So I'm finding things to do and trying to make the best of it. I'm doing things that I probably wouldn't ordinarily do during this time, so the house is spick and span.

Chuck: Are you available for hire to clean my baseboards?

Pods: I tell you what, I didn't realize there were this many baseboards until you go around and start cleaning.

Chuck: I don't even want to know how dirty mine are. What is your most treasured career keepsake at home?

Pods: Two come to mind. One would be the World Series ring. And the second would be the ball from the Game 2 walk-off. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on that, so those two pop into my mind. I keep the ring right next to the AR15, and I keep the ball right next to the 9mm.

Chuck: I was supposed to ask you, where do you keep them. I don't think people should know where you keep something like that.

Pods: No, I keep it right next to the artillery.

Chuck: What's your go-to quarantine meal?

Pods: That's a good one. I cook a lot, and now, obviously, during all this you know we're cooking pretty much every meal. The stock go to is pretty much a meat and a vegetable over here. I made pork chops last night, which turned out real nice. I have some salmon on thaw for tonight, so salmon and black rice is on the menu tonight. But a stock meal is pretty much meat and a vegetable. You know, some asparagus, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes. Things of that sort.

Chuck: You're, like, the healthiest person I know, so that doesn't surprise me.

Pods: I don't know. I've had the urge to drink a lot during this. You get bored, and I've had to... So I've been tossing back a few vodkas here and there.

Chuck: Yeah, you only do vodka like soda so...

Pods: Vodka soda, vod… yeah.

Chuck: You're still the healthiest person I know. What movies, TV, classic games have you been watching?

Pods: I'm not a big movie guy. Although a couple weeks ago, I did watch "Ford v Ferrari" and I thought it was outstanding. I didn't think that I was going to like it. But we watched the previews of it and I said you know what, that might look good. I recommend it. I don't know if you've seen that one, Chuck?

Chuck: No. We've talked about it. Maybe we'll see that one now.

Pods: It's good. I really enjoyed it, but that was the last good movie I've seen. Just finished the Netflix show "Ozark."

Chuck: Yes! Don't talk anymore about it. We're three episodes four episodes into the last season.

Pods: Yes. Just finished season three. I think it's outstanding. Love it. And then got a chance, MLB re-aired Game 2 from 2005 last Wednesday, so poured myself a stiff drink, sat down and watched that game from start to finish. First time I've seen the game, the entire game, from start to finish. So that was intriguing. That was fun to watch.

Chuck: I can't imagine that. There you are in your living room watching Game 2. That had to be, were you thinking, like, who is this person that just hit a game-winning home run. I can't believe that happened.

Pods: It was so bizarre. And you know what I realized, I did not know this, I knew I was 0-for-4 going into that at bat. I knew that. But during the game, it was like the seventh inning, they showed the box score. They showed our lineup. And at that time, Konerko and I were the only two guys in the lineup that were hitless. So then Konerko hits his Grand Slam, so then I was the only remaining Sox without a hit. Fortunately, made up for it there in the ninth.

Chuck: Yeah, I'd say you did. Couple more questions for you. Any favorite podcasts or social media follows during this time?

Pods: Chuck, I catch hell about this, but I am so far behind on with the social media. I have a Twitter account that I opened because of you that I get news nuggets from, but I never post anything. I do not have a facebook account, so people make fun of me, but I'm just not that interesting, Chuck.

Chuck: No, I think you're actually adding years onto your life by not being a part of social media, so congratulations for that.

Pods: Thank you. I'm holding off.

Chuck: And finally, do you have any toilet paper to spare?

Pods: Oh my gosh. You know what, to be honest with you, Chuck, I actually do. Because, I do, listen, necessities like this, I am what you call a back stocker. I stock things and necessities. I mean, every bathroom in this house is stocked full of toilet paper, so... Instead of going to the store and buying toilet paper maybe every week and a half, two weeks, I just buy it in bulk at once and then can go a large period of time. So if you happen to need a roll, just give me a buzz and I'll be able to get one up to you, Chuck.

Chuck: You know, there's Costco and then there is Scott Podsednik's house.

Pods: Yes. And also, I'm more of a wipes guy. So I use the wipes, so we got the house stocked with wipes, as well, so just let me know.

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