The 10-man rotation, starring Wilt Chamberlain, animated in more ways than one (Video)

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Blank on Blank. The PBS Digital series that exhumes lost interviews and animates the conversation offers a cool spin on an 1992 chat between Ann Liguori and legendary big man Wilt Chamberlain about the peaks and valleys of being a giant. (Hat-tip to SB Nation's Tom Ziller.)

PF: SB Nation. With a pivotal Game 5 on tap Tuesday night, Drew Garrison looks at how the Golden State Warriors were able to exploit the San Antonio Spurs' pick-and-roll coverages late in their Game 4 win, and how San Antonio can tighten up their defense to help take a 3-2 lead in their best-of-seven series.

SF: All Ball. Lang Whitaker revisits "The Reggie Miller Show," a real thing that actually existed, because someone out there knew all along just how enjoyable Reggie would be to watch and listen to on television. (Featuring a young Conan O'Brien!)

SG: Grantland and The Point Forward. Smart friends of the program Zach Lowe and Rob Mahoney take us inside the offensive evolution of the stronger-than-ever Memphis Grizzlies, with Lowe focusing on the steady growth of point guard Mike Conley and Mahoney emphasizing the "decongestant" element of removing Rudy Gay from Memphis' half-court sets.

PG: HoopSpeak. A good read from Beckley Mason on maturity, experimentation and growth in the NBA playoffs, as viewed through the prism of wishing you'd learned more in college. (Been there, man.)

6th: The No Look Pass. Rey Moralde finds, and analyzes, a Kwame Brown YouTube highlight video soundtracked by Liz Phair, because this is the Internet and we can do whatever the hell we want.

7th: Salt Lake Tribune. After being eliminated from playoff contention on the final night of the regular season, the Utah Jazz front office is watching this postseason and envisioning brighter days ahead. If they want to get there, writes Kurt Kragthorpe, they should be taking careful note of how the Grizzlies became a contender.

8th: The NBA announced the 2012-13 All-Rookie First and Second Teams. Congratulations, selected rookies! Way to stink, unselected rookies!

9th: Liberty Ballers. With the Philadelphia 76ers hiring former Houston Rockets assistant general manager Sam Hinkie to lead the franchise in a new direction, and some local columnists not looking too kindly at Hinkie's analytics-focused past, Derek Bodner takes a closer look at what it means to brand someone an "analytic," and what being someone who focuses on "analytics" actually means. The big takeaway: Even if we don't always use the same words, we're still speaking the same language.

10th: Wizards Insider. Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman on the primary objective in developing stalled and confidence-devoid 2011 lottery pick Jan Vesely: "He needs to work on his head first."

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