The 10-man rotation, starring the San Antonio Spurs, who totally lead the NBA in dads

A look around the league and the web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: SB Nation. A hilarious, must-read column comparing the San Antonio Spurs to various dad-types and I’ve already said way, way too much just go read it, pops.
PF: Toronto Star. Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey, who will stick with the team for 2013-14, stops by a local middle school to offer some guidance to seventh and eighth graders.
SF: New Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri discusses his motivations and early moves behind the first month of his latest regime with the team, including hiring a collective bargaining agreement-expert to the staff. Pretty sound move, in light of the moves made by the previous administration.
SG: AZCentral. Bob Young on why the respective administrations of a coach and general manager hired at different times shouldn’t overlap, and why the Phoenix Suns are smart to hire both general manager Ryan McDonough and coach Jeff Hornacek in the same offseason.
PG: Post-ambles. EXCLUSIVE: ESPN’s Rick Reilly has already written his column in reaction to Thursday’s Game 7 between the Spurs and Heat, and we have your link to it.

6th: SB Nation. Clearly influenced by Rick Reilly, I looked forward to squeezing through Paul Flannery’s take on Game 6 just as I usually look forward to the delicious chorizo that awaits me after I squeezed its spicy sausage out of the tube. It was worth the squeeze.
7th: New Republic. Marc Tracy on LeBron James: “There is also the underexplored problem—analogous to the quandary presented by criticism of great artists (visible recently in the reaction to Kanye West’s new album)—that James is so many levels of genius above us that we are actually incapable of validly analyzing his unprecedented game, in which the skills of a point guard like Magic Johnson are invested in the body of a power forward like Karl Malone and combined with the brain of a coach like Gregg Popovich. We are not smart enough to understand James’ game, and so instead fall back on telling each other fun little stories.”
8th: The Shadow League. Bomani Jones, with his typical ease and touch, brilliantly discusses LeBron James’ “climactic chapter” heading into Game 7.
9th: The Los Angeles Clippers have actually put together some fair draft choices in their time, and this is honestly a pretty cool slideshow.
10th: Grantland. This is a column about Game 6 of the NBA Finals, written by Zach Lowe, that I bookmarked earlier today. Dan Devine also emailed a link to this column to me this afternoon as a suggestion for this list of things to read on the internet. I, personally, have not read this column by Zach Lowe and am planning on reading it later after I pick up my wife from work. Because this is a column about basketball by Zach Lowe, we all should read it. Preferably by sundown.

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