The 10-man rotation, starring rebranded, fashion-forward NBA jerseys

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A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Behance. "The idea was to pretend that brands designed NBA jerseys. That's all." From that simple idea came an awful lot of fun alternate-reality uniform concepts from Canadian graphic artist Dilly, including this theoretical Memphis Grizzlies x Jeremy Scott mashup that would probably make Dave Joerger's players a little bit sweatier than normal. On the plus side, at least there are no sleeves.

PF: Deadline Detroit. Joey Yashinsky believes it is high time that Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond receive an official nickname befitting his increasingly impressive play (in non-free-throw-making contexts, at least). As an '80s baby who grew up loving wrestling, I am partial to "Andre the Giant," but Drummond himself seems to dig "The Goose." Please feel free to share your preferred moniker for this monstrous 20-year-old.

SF: Thunder Rumblings. Via Darnell Mayberry, interesting stuff from Sam Presti on the Oklahoma City Thunder's evolving identity, the importance of establishing an organizational culture, and how an awful setback like Russell Westbrook's season-ending/playoff-scuttling knee injury last summer can actually help a franchise in the long run.

SG: National Post. Eric Koreen wonders if it isn't time for the Toronto Raptors to trade DeMar DeRozan, despite him playing the best basketball of his career, for the sake of both player and team.

PG: Six months after the Memphis Grizzlies decided to go in another direction, Lionel Hollins would like to be a head coach again, please and thank you.

6th: Wall Street Journal. A modest proposal for the moribund New York Knicks, ever-stagnant losers of nine straight: No more dribbling. Ever.

7th: All Ball. Finally, some information about which Indiana Pacers love which fruits. Thanks, Lang.

8th: Bleacher Report. Ethan Skolnick talks with Chris Bosh about a breakout performance to key a huge comeback that pushed the Miami Heat past the Charlotte Bobcats and on to their 11th straight win, which apparently followed a few days of the big man thinking out loud about his recent struggles: "I don't bring work with me home all the time, but every now and then, you have to get some things off your chest and you have to tell yourself why you're not crazy. It works for me. It's good therapy."

9th: The Triangle. Zach Lowe on why Anthony Davis' injury means Monty Williams will need to see a lot more of Jason Smith diving to the rim, and how the Brow's busted wing could ground the New Orleans Pelicans' playoff hopes.

10th: Philadelphia Inquirer. A nice profile from Keith Pompey that sheds some more light on something we wrote about a few weeks back: Philadelphia 76ers rookie Michael Carter-Williams' relationship with his family, including the stepfather he lives with and the mother who's responsible for establishing a trust that will keep the entirety of MCW's rookie contract intact for at least three years.

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