The 10-man rotation, starring John Wall’s plans to write on 82 pairs of new shoes

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A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Bleacher Report. Howard Beck's big feature on John Wall offers plenty of good information, but I'm focusing for the moment on this one piece: the Washington Wizards' maxed-out point guard's preferred motivational ploy for the season ahead. "You will see it on all my shoes. Every game pair is going to have 'playoffs' on it. That’s my main determination." (Also, as Wall told Beck, the "stress injury" in his knee last season actually developed into a stress fracture, which means it was more serious than we knew. Like I said: plenty of good information.)

PF: TrueHoop. Kevin Arnovitz on the challenge facing the Memphis Grizzlies and new head coach Dave Joerger this coming season: "[...] a bit less grind and a little more flow is necessary."

SF: Boston Globe. Baxter Holmes with an interesting read on the science of sleep, which is something in which both the Boston Celtics and new head coach Brad Stevens have long since believed.

SG: Mavs Moneyball. Hal Brown takes two general beliefs — he's pretty sure Brandan Wright should start for the Dallas Mavericks, and he's pretty sure he actually knows nothing about Brandan Wright — and turns them into an interesting piece about the way we view athletes, the way athletes relate to that, and whether there's any way around it all.

PG: Grantland and Knickerblogger. Zach Lowe and Kevin McElroy, in different but not altogether dissimilar ways, talk about general concern about the state of the New York Knicks this coming season and in the seasons beyond, with Lowe's focus trained on New York's defense and McElroy's eye falling squarely on the Andrea Bargnani trade, what it represents and why it's proven so polarizing among Knicks fans.

6th: Silver Screen and Roll. Sure, not everyone thinks it'd be such a great thing if Nick Young crashing his toboggan while riding down the Great Wall of China wound up being a metaphor for and encapsulation of the Los Angeles Lakers' 2013-14 season ... but Drew Garrison sees some value in turning into the skid: "Sometimes we crash. We have to be able to laugh at it and keep sliding down to our destination."

7th: SB Nation. Tom Ziller thinks hard about what exactly the term "pure scorer" means, what it probably doesn't mean, how we should use it as a descriptor, which players it actually fits and whether it's all that complimentary a term, when you really think about it. Fun, fun, fun.

8th: San Antonio Express-News. Corey Maggette explains why he accepted a make-good training camp invite from the San Antonio Spurs after a pair of utterly forgettable campaigns with the Charlotte Bobcats and Detroit Pistons: "It was either this or I was going to retire." A good reminder that the stakes of preseason basketball are an awful lot higher for some than others, even when you've been in the league for 14 years.

9th: Miami Herald. Joseph Goodman Jr. brushes aside the preseason doldrums by posing a hypothetical question — could LeBron James shoot 60 percent from the field for an entire season? — that only seems totally ridiculous when you forget that he shot 64.1 percent from the floor last February, that he finished the season at 56.5 percent, and that the difference between 56.5 and 60 last season amounted to about an extra make and a half a game. Which is to say: Sure, it'd be hard, but it isn't crazy. Which, y'know, is crazy.

10th: New York Post. A couple of days late on this, but a pretty fascinating read from Tim Bontemps on Fred Galloway, the Brooklyn Nets' assistant director of team security and a former FBI counter-terrorism investigator with a connection to the real-life story behind the new Tom Hanks movie "Captain Phillips."

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