10 ban system coming to Competitive League of Legends

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Pro League of Legends teams will have to figure out an all new pick/ban system in 2017 (Jeremy Wacker)
Pro League of Legends teams will have to figure out an all new pick/ban system in 2017 (Jeremy Wacker)

Riot Games has announced that it will be implementing a 10 ban system in professional play for the 2017 League of Legends season.

Replacing the previous six ban system, the change is the first to come to champion select since the beginnings of competitive League of Legends. The new pick/ban format will add a pair of additional phases to champion select, as detailed in Riot’s blog post:

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“The first part of champ select will be the same as at present, with both sides banning 3 champs then some picks. Blue picks first, red picks twice, blue picks twice and then red picks once again. After that there’s a second ban phase, where the two sides alternate bans back and forth, starting with red side. There’s then a final pick phase, where red picks once, blue picks twice and red picks one final time.”

Obviously, this will have massive implications for competitive play, as teams will now be able to respond to strategies put forth by the opposing side in a second ban phase, forcing them to rethink their plans of attack. What’s more, players will have to open up their champion pools in order to avoid being banned out entirely. This will likely lead to much greater champion diversity in competitive play, the lack of which League of Legends has come under heavy criticism for in recent years.

Interestingly, the system won’t be coming to regular matchmaking right away, with Riot still assessing exactly how they would implement it – if at all.

The North American League of Legends 2017 season kicks off on January 20, and will feature the new ban system. To keep on eye on how the change affects the professional scene, head over to the League of Legends hub on Yahoo Esports.

Taylor Cocke wants all 10 of those bans in his solo queue games. He’s got tanks to ban. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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