'Jeopardy!' used the nickname that Kevin Durant doesn't like in its Teen Tournament final

Back in January and February, when Kevin Durant was in the midst of an absolutely torrid stretch of play that vaulted him to the forefront of an MVP race that he wound up winning handily, a national "debate" emerged as to which nickname we should use when referring to the Oklahoma City Thunder flamethrower. Well, "re-emerged," really; the Durant nickname discussion had been going on for at least five years, and had even been touched on in a national sneaker commercial, but with Durant in the midst of a mammoth scoring surge, folks turned back to the notion that "Kevin Durant" and "KD" were insufficiently rad monikers for the dude spending his winter doling out depression.

With Durant casually delivering daggers in every direction, a new favorite emerged: "The Slim Reaper," coined in the comments of the NBA sub-Reddit, co-signed by no less an authority than Steezus and visualized in very dope form. It spread like wildfire among fans who loved the idea that seeing Durant coming at you with the ball in his hands means your time on this mortal coil has ceased. There was just one problem: Durant, a professed Christian, didn't much like being associated with "a guy of, I guess, death." This led to him floating "The Servant" as a fairly awful alternative before being like, "No, you guys, JK," and saying we should all just call him Kevin or KD. (You know, like before.)

Well, evidently, the folks at "Jeopardy!" didn't get the memo.

That right there is a clue from the first installment of the two-day final round of the "Jeopardy!" Teen Tournament, which aired Thursday night, meaning "The Slim Reaper" now officially has the all-important Trebek Co-Sign. If you think that this marks the first time that Jordan Crawford and Alex Trebek have ever been on the same page about anything, then you've clearly never seen Trebek's shot selection in pickup games.

The $800 entry in the "This Celebrity" category was correctly answered by Jeff Xie of Edison, N.J., who seems like an excitable young fellow:

I know that the Teen Tournament tends not to receive the same respect afforded the senior circuit, but still, it seems to me that when the Internet-appended nickname you don't like winds up making it on a nationally televised game show many months after the furor surrounding it faded away, you're probably stuck with that nickname. Sorry, Kevin.

Maybe it'll make you feel better to revisit the performance referenced in the clue — your 54-point devastation of the Golden State Warriors back on Jan. 17.

Hat-tip to r/NBA.

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