Breaking News Headlines: Eighteen Killed After Truck Ploughs Into Bus Outside Moscow

Wochit 1:12 mins

Eighteen people were killed and 25 injured when a truck ploughed into a bus in a Moscow suburb. An eyewitness video of the crash, broadcast on state television, showed the green and white passenger bus's windows shattering as it split in half, forcing other vehicles on the road to swerve wildly out of its way. Fugitive and former U.S. spy contractor Edward Snowden controls dangerous information that could become the United States' "worst nightmare" if revealed. Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, said in a newspaper interview that the U.S. government should be careful in its pursuit of the former computer analyst. "Snowden has enough information to cause harm to the U.S. government in a single minute than any other person has ever had." The jury in George Zimmerman's murder trial began a second day of deliberations weighing whether the neighborhood watch volunteer committed a crime almost a year and a half ago when he fatally shot Trayvon Martin.

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