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And so it begins.

A new normal has taken precendce in Los Angeles. And it starts around 5 AM.

The opening day of Spring Ball at USC in 2011 did not resemble that of 2010. The players actually knew their coaches - or most of them that is. They knew their plays. But more over, they knew the expectations placed on them.

The tone was set Day 1. Last year is not this year. This year, there will be no last minute losses by a field goal. There will be no lackluster finishes. There will be tackling. And there will be alot of it. Even in the helmets-only work out today, there was an extra physicality that was often shyed away from the previous season.   

With 19 players labeled "no-contact" (some recovering from off season surgery, others nursing injuries suffered during winter workouts)the help from eight spring enrollees was more than needed. 7-on7's were interspersed with team play as not not over work a thin offensive line while simultaneously provide extra reps for the quarterbacks - all eight of them. However the faster paced tempo of practice never slowed, not even for a second. 

This pattern of 5 AM meetings with 7:25 AM practices resumes again on Thursday and  on Saturday at a much more reasonable 10:30 AM.

Quick Hits:

  • Walk-on Tony Burnett ( #34) has been named starting corner this spring opposite Nickell Robey (#21). 
  • There are 7 quarterbacks vying to be Matt Barkley's second-in-command including redshirt freshman Jesse Scroggins (#15) and spring enrolles Max Wittek (#13) and Cody Kessler (#6).
  • Tailback Marc Tyler (#26) sprained his hamstring this morning. The extent of the injury is unknown as of yet. 
  • Practice was held on Cromwell Field this morning as Howard Jones recovered from the unseasonably large amount of rain. 

For in depth coverage of the Trojans Spring Ball visit's "Spring Ball Central." 

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