The American sporting royal family tree

Here on this side of the pond, we have royals, too. Only they’re not born into it; they’re anointed.

On stage, Elvis earned his place as the King, Michael Jackson the King of Pop and a boy from Minnesota named Nelson possessed such unworldly talent that he eventually became known simply as Prince, which, by the way, is his actual given name.

We have a Duke (John Wayne), a Queen (Latifah) and even a Lord (Byron Nelson).

Ahh, yes, the world of sport, where royalty is bestowed on athletes whether they deserve it (Richard Petty’s 200 wins made him truly the King) or not (a title-less Lebron’s best asset to this point is a royal sounding last name).

So, who is deserving?

In honor of that little wedding taking place in the old country, Yahoo! Sports is filling out the British Royal Family Tree … with our own twist. We’ll start with the 34th generation because, well, it seems only fitting to begin when professional sports first emerged here in the new world.

sports family tree

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