Top 10 most famous sports hairstyles

Wilson's beard.

Hollywood actresses are obsessed with their hair. Television anchors of both genders spend hours with hairstylists. Politicians won’t be caught dead with a hair out of place, sometimes holding up air traffic to get it groomed just right.

So we’re not surprised when people whose jobs or positions require them to be telegenic seem fixated on what’s growing out of the top of their head. (Perhaps they’re also secretly hoping that it will draw attention away from what’s not inside their head.)

But it’s somewhat odd how personal style and looks can become major stories of interest in the world of sports. Giants closer Brian Wilson has been receiving as much attention for his dyed black beard as for his dominant postseason performance. Tons of fans in the Bay Area were wearing fake Brian Wilson beards to games as the Giants promoted a “Fear the Beard” campaign en route to their World Series victory. Wilson’s beard has its own Twitter account, with more than 3,000 followers, and its own Facebook page, with more than 12,000 “likes.”

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Slideshow: Top 10 most famous athlete hairstyles

Wilson’s beard isn’t the only famous hair in sports right now. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been getting plenty of attention for his Justin Bieber-like locks. One of the rumored reasons for the split between wide receiver Randy Moss and the Patriots was an alleged dust-up between Moss and Brady in which Brady told Moss to shave his beard while Moss responded that Brady “looked like a girl.”

And it’s not only long hair that carves out a place in popular culture. The sports landscape has been enlivened by signature mustaches, notable sideburns, unique goatees and unforgettable dye jobs.

The ’70s brought us the ‘fro, most famously worn by the Doctor of Dunk, Julius Erving, it also gave us Bjorn Borg, with his unruly flowing blond hair kept in place by his equally famous headband. The ’80s and ’90s had their share of hair moments, with the mullet and various wild manes all gaining currency at one time or another.

A silly little thing like hair can easily go unnoticed, but in some cases it can become its own iconic image – and, in rare cases, its own storyline. These are the top 10 most famous athlete hairstyles.

The list:

10. Jaromir Jagr: Check out the hair
9. Alexi Lalas: Check out the hair
8. Bjorn Borg: Check out the hair
7. Dennis Rodman: Check out the hair
6. Goose Gossage: Check out the hair
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Slideshow: Top 10 most famous athlete hairstyles

Updated Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010