How they get ripped: WWE wrestler Triple H’s nutrition plan

Professional wrestler Triple H is arguably one of the most prolific wrestlers of the late '90s and '00s. Since he entered the sport in 1992, he has won several major wrestling titles, including the WWE Undisputed Championship. Triple H maintains his stamina and physique by eating a specialized bodybuilding diet designed to help him retain muscle and improve his in-ring performance.

Triple H's nutrition plan

Triple H follows a simple nutrition protocol: eat a whole, well-balanced diet. In his book "Triple H: Making the Game," he says that each meal should contain a starch source, a meat source, vegetables and water. No need to get fancy—he says to keep it simple, but not because it has any metabolic or muscle-building advantage.

"You'll want to keep it simple enough so you can follow it on a day-to-day basis," the wrestler wrote in "Making the Game."

Triple H eats frequently to keep his metabolism high, a strategy followed by most bodybuilders. However, he doesn't follow another bodybuilding protocol called clean eating. The wrestler says clean eating isn't necessary, and really is only necessary for men hoping to be the next Mr. Olympia.

Nutrition tip: Eat six meals a day

Like most bodybuilders, Triple H believes in the frequent eating protocol. People who use this method claim it speeds up the metabolism, preventing fat gain. He also advocates following this method for another reason: to keep your weight steady. Wrestling constantly and hitting the gym are mass calorie burners, which can make it hard for wrestlers to maintain their size. Eating frequently allows wrestlers to maintain their physique year-round.

Nutrition tip: Skip the junk

While he doesn't believe in clean eating, Triple H does recommend avoiding junk food. Junk food, such as potato chips, lack the fiber, protein and carbohydrates needed to fuel an active body. Instead, he recommends opting for an apple or peach instead.

There's a bonus to these alternatives: more micronutrients, or the vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain a healthy body. For example, apples contain vitamin C, a vitamin necessary to form proteins used to make tendons, ligaments and skin. It also helps form scar tissue, an important benefit for wrestlers who are cut open on a weekly basis.

Nutrition tip: Have protein shakes, not ice cream

Triple H loves his protein shakes, and always finds time to have one. For the best bet, he recommends whey protein powder with milk and whole foods, such as a bagel or fruit. Whey protein contains the muscle-building protein most wrestlers need to maintain their huge physiques and can help them recover from long bouts inside the ring.

He emphasizes that real food is better, but, if you're pressed for time, a chicken sandwich will always be better than a protein bar, for example.

Ann Olson is a freelance writer and amateur bodybuilder with an educational background in sports nutrition.


Triple H: Making the Game

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Updated Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011