PBR bull rider Ross Coleman announces retirement

I was settling in to watch the PBR "PFI Invitational" in Springfield Mo, on Versus TV, September 17 and nearly dropped my coffee when announcer Craig Hummer mentioned that Ross Coleman, a 13 year veteran bull rider, had announced that he was retiring from professional bull riding. Coleman announced his plan during a Twitter chat with @teampbr earlier on Saturday, September 17th and I had missed it.

Ross Coleman is a Favorite among Fans and Fellow Riders

Ross Coleman has always been one of my favorite bull riders and I will miss him climbing on the backs of bulls at future events. Fellow bull riders commented during the show that they too will miss Coleman. Chris Shivers stated that Coleman was always a "tough guy" and the first one to make them all laugh in the locker room.

I have been watching Ross Coleman since he began riding with the PBR back in 1999 and can tell you that he always gave it his all. It didn't matter if he made the 8 seconds or if the bull dumped him in the dirt. The bull always knew that Coleman was there and ready to do his best. His best accumulated him forty two 90 point rides in his career and he has an average ride score of 85.88.

During an emotional interview last night, Coleman spoke to Ty Murray and Craig Hummer about his decision. He said that he loved the PBR and would still be a part of it, but he would not be riding bulls anymore. He stayed in the sky box awhile and even offered commentary on the riders in the arena.

Maybe we will see Ross Coleman doing some guest announcer spots at the PBR events. Justin McBride, who retired in 2008, also shows up from time to time and talks with the announcers during events. What better guys to give insight as to how the other bull riders are doing, then the guys who have recently been out there on the backs of bulls.

What Will Ross Coleman Do Now that he has Retired?

I am sure fans will see Ross Coleman around many of the PBR events. He also stated that he will be working with Back Street Buckers, which is a program that let's people get involved as a stock contractor. I'll be checking into all that and bring you more information about this great program in the near future.

Coleman also started hosting the "Ross Coleman Invitational" back in 2005. The event is held in Coleman's hometown of Molalla Oregon and has raised money for charitable organizations. You can be assured that Ross Coleman will continue to be involved in that very worthwhile event.

At the age of 32, Coleman has suffered many injuries during his bull riding career. Getting slammed in the dirt takes its toll on many of the riders as they suffer injury after injury. Being in the 30's is actually getting to be one of the "oldsters" as far as bull riding is concerned. Many of the older riders make the choice to retire from riding the bulls, but remain active in the PBR. Ross Coleman will join ranks with such name greats as Justin McBride, Ty Murray, and J.W.Hart. They may not be riding any more, but you can bet they will always be active in the PBR.

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Updated Monday, Sep 19, 2011