Airwalk celebrates 25th Anniversary this July: A brief look at the company’s history

It's just about time to break out the cake and candles skateboarding fans because this July Airwalk will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. They plan on celebrating it in style all summer long with lots of sick swag, vintage releases, a cool contest and a killer party in September. I plan on talking more about that later. But for now let's take a brief moment to look back at the company's origins.

How Airwalk got its name

Even the very name of the company screams skateboarding history. Formed in 1986, Airwalk was named after a skateboarding maneuver created by the venerable Tony Hawk, who also happened to be one of the company's first pro skateboarders. For those unfamiliar with the Airwalk, it involves grabbing the nose of the skateboard and holding onto it while executing a split kick. There are many Airwalk tutorials on YouTube for novice skateboarders who want to try it out for themselves. Since that time other skateboarders modified the maneuver thus creating the Ollie Airwalk and the Malone Airwalk.

What has Airwalk done over the years?

In the beginning the company's focus was to design products to meet skateboarder's needs. Since that time the company's focus has expanded to include other action sports disciplines. Over the years Airwalk has been responsible for manufacturing memorable skate shoes like The Jim, The Prototype 540, The Reflex and The Enigma. All of which are rumored to be reissued this year along with a special skate deck as part of the company's anniversary celebrations. Skateboarding fans should look to the Airwalk website for additional details on how they can get their hands on some of the anniversary items.

Furthermore, in the 25 years that the company has been in existence it has also sponsored many action sports athletes. Among the former Airwalk elite are Geoff Rowley, Steve Berra, Eric Koston, Christian Hosoi and skateboarder turned movie star, Jason Lee. Keeping with that tradition, the company continues to sponsor an impressive array of athletes like Andy MacDonald, Anastasia Ashley, Mike Vallely, Ronnie Reener, Warren Metcalfe and Tulio de Oliveira. All of Airwalk's currently sponsored athletes are expected to participate in the company's anniversary celebrations over the course of the year.

The sports industry is not the only arena Airwalk has left its mark on during the last 25 years. The company is behind the creation of the Unsigned Heroes music contest and has ties to such music industry legends as the Beastie Boys, NOFX and Bad Religion. It has also been a proud supporter of the music industry's AP Tour.

My children are skateboarders and I have a history of following the sport.

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Updated Monday, Jun 20, 2011